Middle East Board

The Olive Tree Initiative at UCLA is run by an Executive Board of very dedicated students who work in conjunction with the University Advisory Board, Community Oversight Board, and National Board to make OTI at UCLA a success.
The day to day operations of the group would not be possible without the incredible students behind OTI.

Those students selected to be on the Executive Board will have the opportunity to work with incredible world leaders, and also be given access to world-class internship opportunities in Washington DC and abroad. Though being on Executive Board is no guarantee of selection for the annual trip, performance throughout the year is highly taken into consideration.
In addition, there are Committees under most Board members, who are also just as instrumental of OTI's growth.

Executive Board Members 2014-2015


President: Saeed Marandi

Saeed rocks

Vice President: Addison Yang


Director of External Relations: Aurelia Friedman


Finance Director: Cameron Shabahang


*Campus Coordinator: Zvi Smith, zvismith@gmail.com